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Just a couple of nerds who love bugs and wood

We decided to start this business on the whim of Stephanie having this idea to make some earrings out of the 17 year cicadas that emerged in NJ in 2021.

Stephanie is professor at Arcadia University, and studied insects through her academic career. Austin is more of a hobby entomologist but loves insects all the same. He also loves woodwork and prides himself on doing the majority of his work with hand tools and not power tools. We decided to add woodwork to the company when we had too many cutting boards around the house and needed an outlet for his hobby.

And our puppy pistol is also an entomologist in her own right. She LOVES collecting insects....collecting them for her tummy but collecting them non the less.

Upcoming Shows

May 28th,29th, June 4th,5th- New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Bordentown NJ